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God is Big Enough 
 Building Youth For Christ Action Guide

In Matthew 5:3-16, Jesus shares the rewards He is prepared to give to those who take courage and live according to His word.

God’s blessings are regardless of your outward condition.
Your blessed destiny awaits you.

 Find out more in this God Is Big Enough, Building Youth For Christ -Action Guide.

Right Prayer Wrong Answer 
"What To Do When God's Answer is Not What You Expected"​

Effective prayer is based on the will of God and His plan to advance His cause.

  Your prayers are not a voice crying unheard or unheeded in silence. They are a voice which goes into God’s ears and live. Your answer lies behind your willingness to “Ask Him” in faith. There is nothing too great for His power nor anything too small for His attention. 

Right Prayer—Wrong Answer provides truths about prayer from the Word of God for all Christians. 

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Live Out Loud Do-Votional

Learn what it is to "Live Your Faith in Christ Out Loud"

1. Show Me Faith – “How to Become God-Reliant”
2. Spoonful of Sugar – “How to Control Your Emotions”
3. Healthy Connections – “How To Recognize Connections that Add Value To Your Life”
4. Live Again – “How To Regain Control of Your Life After Abuse”
5. Marriage Strong – “How To Make YOUR Marriage Work”
Get that book out of your head. 
Your book idea has the potential to add income.
“From Concept to Cash” is a step-by-step guide to help you write a book that your readers will find to be understandable and a pleasure.

Completing a book takes dedication and patience. 
You have what it takes. Now use it.  

How to Write, Edit, and Publish your book for under $20